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Saturday, February 11, 2012

OWL STYLE: Comfy Dinosaur

Today is another outfit post. I know, I know~ why the weird name. I actually posted one of the pictures on my facebook and my friend pointed out that I looked like this creature here. I was actually pretty funny~ so I decided to name it the the comfy dinosaur!^^ tehee~
Anyways, Here is the outfit! and to see the video click here^^

Pullover- Korea
Skinny Jeans- Forever21
Nobel Suede Booties by Kelsi Dagger- Ross
Vintage Brown Leather Satchel- Coach

Hope you liked this outfit as much as I do!

- Jane, The Beauty Owl

Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Holiday in Korea Part 1

Going back to my roots was an amazing experience. One who is born in America can experience diversity, but they can't really taste the actual flavors of their culture. Living in America my whole life has been a blessing. I grew up in a family that fused both Korean traditions and the diverse traditions of this country. The last time I was in Korea was 6 years ago when I was a mere teenager. This time, as an adult, I was able to enjoy and appreciate my time there even more than I did 6 years ago. Going back to my roots again was pretty amazing. I had the chance to bond with my family and I quite enjoyed it. Not only did I enjoy the wonderful scenery of Korea, I enjoyed learning more about the history of Korea. Korea's history is filled with so many exciting stories of great kings, queens, princes and princesses and great people who helped create the Korea that it is today. I think Korea's history should be known to everyone because it is very inspiring and it helped me to really appreciate my origins.

So finally on to my trip. I did make a vlog video so check it out here My flight actually stopped by Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan for about 2 hours so I had some time to look around. Didn't find much makeup items in the area that I was in, but the store that stayed in for the whole time was sooooo cool! It was a store that sold mostly origami books and lots of cute souvenirs.  Sadly, I'm stupid and I didn't get the name of the store! -_- Anyway, here are some of the origami displays:
Cinderella's Carriage! SO COOL!

The whole Cinderella display!

Animals~ these were pretty cool!

This one was my favorite~

Santa and his elvesssss~

Pretty flowers~

 These are cranes and they would get smaller down the line.

This was the smallest one!! OMG! It was folded using tweezers!
 If you guys go to Narita airport in Japan, you have to eat this! Juicy chicken is REAL chicken!

I'm drooling as I am writing this~ YUMMY!
Anyways, hope you liked this so far~ I will be blogging more about my korea winter holiday soon!^^

Jane, The Beauty Owl