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Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Feather~^^

So I got my hair trimmed yesterday. I know its not much of a difference to some, but as some of you may know, I got a perm during the summer and my hair had grown out quite a bit which started weighing down my curls. Seeing that my curls were being weighed down, it was time for a trim.
If you can tell from watching my videos, my hair was much flatter and now since the weight has been lifted, my curls are alive and bouncy again~ yay~. The length is still there, but it feels so much lighter now. My hairstylist is amazing~!!<3
Tips for the day: Make sure to always trim your hair at least 3-4 months after you last haircut. Its better for you hair and it feels better for you too^^

Jane, the Beauty Owl

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wet and Wild limited edition pallete: Night Elf

So, I purchased the Night Elf pallete not too long ago and of course, it was hard to pick which one I wanted to purchase, BUT I ended up choosing the Night Elf Pallete. Its so pretty~^^ The Red shade really caught my eye, which is one reason why I bought it. I could think of many looks already hehe.
It comes with five neutral shades that are really pigmented and the amount of fall out is very little.
The first row has the browns and taupes. The first shade is a frosty white shade that is ideal for inner corner highlighting. The second shade is very similar to Satin Taupe by MAC but is one shade or two lighter than satin taupe. I LOVE IT~ and the Third shade in the first row is very similar to MAC's Club eyeshadow. It has a dark brown base with red and green undertones to it. SOOOO PRETTY. Club is more on the dark brown side while as this shade has more terracotta red undertones to it.  The Second Row of shades has the very dramatic shades. The Silver is your typical silver. Another good silver if you are looking for an alternative, is in the platinum duo by Loreal HIP. Its alot more pigmented than the wet and wild one though so thats a plus, but it costs double the price T-T Anyways, next is the eyepopping Red shade. Its sooo pretty~ it has fine shimmers throughout the shadow. The last shade is a black with silver shimmers in it. Very similar to the black shade in the Platinum Duo.
Ok, so I tried uploading my picture of the swatches but it would'nt let me... mean blogspot. I guess I'll have to edit it in later. Okay, I'm off then.
Jane, The Beauty Owl