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Friday, March 15, 2013

Formal Introduction of WISHTREND

Hello Everyone!
So, I've already formally introduced WISHTREND on my youtube channel, but I have yet to introduce them on my blog. For all my blog readers, here it is!
If you haven't heard of Wishtrend already, I hope you are ready to read and learn about Wishtrend!

                       Wishtrend is an online store that sells Korean Cosmetics and Beauty products. They are based in South Korea and is an amazing AMAZING website. Not only do they provide a lot of great products on their site, the customer service is amazing! I love the Wishtrend Family or staff! They are very nice and I really trust them. It's really rare for me to really trust a company and know that they are being genuine. Not only are they trustworthy, but they take their time to have a relationship with you. As a blogger and youtuber, I had yet to meet a company that really wanted to have a partnership with me until I partnered up with Wishtrend! They are very welcoming and take their time to talk with you and always try to give as much detail as possible.

The products that they sell are very high quality products as well. Most of the products that they sell are bestsellers in Korea so I highly recommend a lot of the products that they sell. From Skincare to Makeup,Wishtrend provides it all!
Some brands to name are:

 and many more!! 
I've tried out a good handful of the products from these brands and I am a witness to how amazing these products are!

Shipping is pretty great as well. They are pretty accurate as to estimating for you when your package will arrive and they make sure to pack the box really well with bubble wrap!! Gotta love bubble wrap!
And they include samples in your purchase!

If you have yet to purchase anything from their store, GO NOW and SIGN UP!!
They are easy to contact with any questions as well!!
Here is where you can keep up with Wishtrend!







And lastely, here is the Video I made about Wishtrend!

Hope you enjoyed this post today!!

Jane, The Beauty Owl