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Friday, October 10, 2014

Pixi by Petra Eye Bright Primer

Hello Every! Long time no talk! Finally updating my blog with some recent loves! Today, my review is on the Pixi eye bright primer! If you haven't heard about pixi, here is the pixi website where you can read all about the brand and their products! This particular product was a swag item from Generation Beauty 2013. Don't know about Genbeauty? Here is the link to my vlog and shopping owl from my first experience! Anyways back on track, here is the primer!
 I am a big fan of Pixi's packaging! I love the color and how simple, but beautiful it is! The fact that everything is in a green color makes me happy because it's my favorite color and it makes me happy.

 It comes in a pen form with a sponge tip applicator where the primer actual comes out of a little hole in the center of that sponge tip. I am not very fond of that sponge tip because I just think about all of the bacteria growing on it and it just turns me off, BUT the product is awesome!
 It's a very thick formula and it's pretty opaque in color. The color is in Au Natural which is a basic flesh tone. It's great for covering up any veining that you might have on your eyelids! It is crease proof and smudge proof so it's definitely a great primer for any type of eyeshadow look.
This primer costs $15 which is definitely up there in price. Compared to urban decays prices for their most popular eye primer, this one is more by $3. It is very similar to the Urban Decay primer potion texture wise.
I do recommend this primer to beginners since it does perform well with my eyeshadows! It's great at covering any veining around the eyes as well.

That is all for this post!
Hope you all enjoyed!

Jane, The Beauty Owl