Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pixi eyeshadow quad

Hello Everyone!
Finally, I have a new post on the blog! I have been gone for a long time haven't I?
Well, I will be trying to review products that I really love on here and hope you enjoy!

Today, I am reviewing the Pixi Beauty by Petras shade quartette in shades of taupe. 
I also own the shades of peach which is also very nice!
Retail: $22
Currently on site: $11 (sale price)

They swatch beautifully and go own very smoothly. 
The shadows feel very buttery and blend together nicely. 

This quartette is perfect for those of you who are neutral lovers and can't have enough of them! 
I also believe that these are great for beginners if you are looking for good quality shadows that won't break the bank! 

Hope you enjoyed!
See you in the next post!

Jane, The Beauty Owl

Friday, October 10, 2014

Pixi by Petra Eye Bright Primer

Hello Every! Long time no talk! Finally updating my blog with some recent loves! Today, my review is on the Pixi eye bright primer! If you haven't heard about pixi, here is the pixi website where you can read all about the brand and their products! This particular product was a swag item from Generation Beauty 2013. Don't know about Genbeauty? Here is the link to my vlog and shopping owl from my first experience! Anyways back on track, here is the primer!
 I am a big fan of Pixi's packaging! I love the color and how simple, but beautiful it is! The fact that everything is in a green color makes me happy because it's my favorite color and it makes me happy.

 It comes in a pen form with a sponge tip applicator where the primer actual comes out of a little hole in the center of that sponge tip. I am not very fond of that sponge tip because I just think about all of the bacteria growing on it and it just turns me off, BUT the product is awesome!
 It's a very thick formula and it's pretty opaque in color. The color is in Au Natural which is a basic flesh tone. It's great for covering up any veining that you might have on your eyelids! It is crease proof and smudge proof so it's definitely a great primer for any type of eyeshadow look.
This primer costs $15 which is definitely up there in price. Compared to urban decays prices for their most popular eye primer, this one is more by $3. It is very similar to the Urban Decay primer potion texture wise.
I do recommend this primer to beginners since it does perform well with my eyeshadows! It's great at covering any veining around the eyes as well.

That is all for this post!
Hope you all enjoyed!

Jane, The Beauty Owl

Monday, April 7, 2014

IOPE Air Cushion Compact Foundation

Recently I was sent the IOPE Air Cushion Compact foundation and I am loving it!! A little introduction on IOPE: Iope is a Korean Luxury cosmetics brand. They currently hold the #1 spot in Korea as the top cosmetics brand. That just tells you something about the brand already. Their products are AMAZING!!!
(This picture is from my INSTAGRAM: soobineeeee FOLLOW ME)

Now, back to the IOPE air cushion compact foundation. There are actually several different types of the Iope air cushion. The one that I got is the Air cushion XP which is supposed to give a natural finish. There is also a shimmer one and a cover one.

So, lets talk about PACKAGING!
I love the packaging of IOPE's products. Everything looks so chic and elegant while keeping the look very clean and simple.

The shade I am in is N21 Ice Vanilla. There are actually different types of Air cushions: Cover, Natural, and shimmer. Mine is the natural one. 

The foundation is in this beautiful compact. The design of the compact is pretty simple with only white and silver as the colors and the picture doesn't show every detail sadly, but the white part of the compact actually has a shimmer detail in the color. IT'S SO PRETTY!! 
I am in shade N21 Ice Vanilla. I believe there are three shades which is a disadvantage for all of you deeper skintoned ladies T-T But for all the lighter skintoned ladies,  you are at an advantage.
The Iope Air cushion comes with a refill of the foundation and the air puff. This is great because when you run out with your first one, you have a second one to pop in right away. 
The Iope Air cushions compact is very great for traveling and sturdy. It doesn't leak or move the product out of the compact and also it doesn't break or crack like some other cheaper compacts.

The formulation of the product is very nice. It's so smooth and and it smells very nice. Most korean products are highly scented, but this one has a very light floral scent that is not overwhelming.

Lasting power: Highly efficient. It didn't fade into nothingness at the end of the day.
Price: It is a bit pricey at $30, but it is worth every penny!!

I hoped you all enjoyed this review! I highly recommend this to everyone who is looking for a very quick and easy foundation to use!

- Jane, The Beauty Owl.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wishtrend Renewed Website!!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to announce that Wishtrend has officially renewed their website! Now, it's user friendly and is much more easier to navigate through. Click here to go and shop on this website!!
They've added more tabs which include new arrivals, Best sellers, and a special tab which includes great deals on products! I will go through my favorite features of this site!!

This picture below is a screenshot of what the homepage of the website looks like. 
It still has that neat and clean look to their site without looking cluttered. 

On the tool bar, there are several tabs to choose from. 
My favorite is the New Arrivals tab. It lets me see all of the new products of the week. 

The next tab that I love as well, is the BEST SELLERS Tab. It lists all of the best selling products from Wishtrend and let me tell you, there are a lot of best selling products because so many products from are amazing!!!

Lastly, one of the best tabs, The SPECIAL tab!
This tab lists three extra tabs where you can find products at discounted prices and even suggested product sets. 

This tab features the Beauty Steal, Sol-Kit, and Wish Box tab. 
Beauty Steal features products on sale at a very reasonable price, 

The Second tab is the Sol-Kit tab which features their special skincare packages that are put together to save your time on finding the best skincare. Each package is made for all your skin needs. 

The 3rd and final tab is the Wishbox tab!!
The wishboxes are special boxes that are filled with special products that are all full sized. They aren't like the monthly product box subscriptions that we see these days, but are more towards themed boxes that feature amazing products.

SO that is the end of my annoucement on the renewal of Wishtrend's website! I hope you guys have fun shopping on the new site and liked this post!

Jane, The Beauty Owl

Thursday, August 22, 2013

KLAIRS Rich Moist Soothing Cream


Todays review is on the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing cream. I was sent this from WISHTREND a while back and it is now one of my favorite moisturizers. A little introduction of Klairs: Klairs is a Korean brand which focuses on providing the best skincare with the best ingredients that are both eco-friendly and good for the skin. Klairs products contain no alcohol, no parabens, and no artificial coloring. They also make their products with no animal testing^^ To purchase, click here to go to Wishtrends website 
 The cream came in a brown tinted plastic tub (shown above) 
1.52 fl. oz. Price: $23.99

 The Box that the cream came in is made from recycled paper which is very sturdy and thick.
The design is very simple and clean. I love the colors. 

 There is lots of information all over the box that explain about the product and about the product line. 

 Here is the side with the description of the product with addition information of the brand such as the phone number, website, email, and the manufactured country.

 This is the side with the ingredients and the directions of use. It also includes a warning of use which is always good. BUT it's all in Korean so for all of your who are not korean and cannot read the ingredients, here is the list of ingriedients in english.
 This cream was formulated for Normal to Dry skin, but it is labeled to be for All skin types. 
Being a person with dry skin, I found that it is very moisturizing and keeps my face moisturized all day. 
 Came with a protective lid inside which I like to keep on it just to protect the cream from getting any dust in it when I am applying it. 
 The texture is a gel-cream texture which I found to be very smoothing. There is not sticky feeling when applying. It's not too heavy nor is it too light. It gives the exact amount of hydration to my skin without leaving me with a heavy film on my face or a super dry face. 
This cream has a slight scent to it where it's not over powering like some Korean skincare products tend to have. 

It gives a very smooth finish when applied and leaves my face looking very hydrated and dewy. I think the smoothing effects of this cream are due to the fact that this cream has dimethicone in it. Dimethicone is in most moisturizers and creams because of the fact that it is used to treat rough, dry, and scaly skin. It is often added as a smoothing agent. 
 Before Application
 A little bit goes a loooooooooooooooooong way. This cream is so concentrated that a little dime size is enough to cover the entire face and neck.
 Blending is effortless. It glides on like butter and sinks into the skin, flawlessly!!
Now, I have a smooth, dewy complexion~
It's great to use before makeup application because it helps your foundation or bb cream glide on smoothly. 

I hope you found this review helpful!! If you are interested in purchasing your own soothing cream, click here!! and you will get $5 after you place an order! 

Thank you for reading!! 

Jane, The Beauty Owl

Friday, May 31, 2013

Wishtrend: Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack Review

Hello everyone!
Today's post is a product review on the Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack that I was sent from Wishtrend. You can get this product here (Click) if you are interested! ^^  It's a blackhead/whitehead  extracting nose pack that is pain-free and works great.

So here is a little bit of background on my blackhead/whitehead problem: I have a big problem with my blackheads and whiteheads. So, I love trying out all sorts of products that will solve my problem like nose strips!!
I love using nose strips and looking at all of the gunk that is pulled out of my nose which sounds very disgusting, but I enjoy seeing all of the gunk that I am getting rid of ;) But, when I use nose strips (I use Biore) the pain is sometimes unbearable because the strip basically molds itself to your nose making it a lot harder to get off. I have to admit, my eyes always tear up when I have to pull the nose strip off because that is how much it hurts.
The Skinmiso nose pack, however, was pain free when applying and removing. It comes with two steps.

 Before (please excuse my dark circles~ )
In the above picture, I tried to capture my blackheads as great as possible with my camera but since the zoom on my camera is not that great you can't really see my blackhead infestation very clearly, but it is there! Hahah. 

Above is me with the first step of the nose pack.  The first step is used to extract the blackheads and whiteheads out of your nose. The extraction occurs with the technology of the nose pack. The pack is wet and not dry like most nose strips are. It is covered in a special emulsion that uses plant extracts to help the whiteheads and blackheads come up and out of the pore.  My own personal experience with step one was okay. I say it was okay just because I made a mistake while using it which led to a very sensitive nose. It clearly says on the packet to not exceed 10 minutes for step one, but I was foolish and I kept it on for longer. BAD IDEA. It made my nose very sensitive after. But, I was very cooling on the nose which is perfect for a hot day! 
Here I am using the second step! 
The second nose pack uses witchhazel to help tone the skin after the extraction. It is supposed to help tone and soothe your nose after all of the extracting. Due to the first step being on longer, my nose became very sensitive so when I placed the second step on top, it started burning!! T-T So sad. But, it was my fault and not the nose pack! (I tried it out again after this first time and it was great! Very soothing and it made my nose very soft.)

This black q-tip comes with the nose packs and it is supposed to be used after step one. I used this to clean away the extracted pores. Using a blackhead extractor is also recommended to be used after the first step in conjunction to this q tip. It cleans away the blackheads more.


You can clearly see a difference in between my before and after pictures. The skin on my nose looks much more more smoother and cleaner than it did before. 
( I'm sorry that I couldn't get closer pictures! Need to invest in another camera lens! )

My last verdict is that I would repurchases this product and I recommend this! It's very effective. Just be warned: Don't keep the first step on longer than stated. Trust me.

That is it for this review, I hope you enjoyed it!
Until next time!

Jane, The Beauty Owl