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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wishtrend Renewed Website!!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to announce that Wishtrend has officially renewed their website! Now, it's user friendly and is much more easier to navigate through. Click here to go and shop on this website!!
They've added more tabs which include new arrivals, Best sellers, and a special tab which includes great deals on products! I will go through my favorite features of this site!!

This picture below is a screenshot of what the homepage of the website looks like. 
It still has that neat and clean look to their site without looking cluttered. 

On the tool bar, there are several tabs to choose from. 
My favorite is the New Arrivals tab. It lets me see all of the new products of the week. 

The next tab that I love as well, is the BEST SELLERS Tab. It lists all of the best selling products from Wishtrend and let me tell you, there are a lot of best selling products because so many products from are amazing!!!

Lastly, one of the best tabs, The SPECIAL tab!
This tab lists three extra tabs where you can find products at discounted prices and even suggested product sets. 

This tab features the Beauty Steal, Sol-Kit, and Wish Box tab. 
Beauty Steal features products on sale at a very reasonable price, 

The Second tab is the Sol-Kit tab which features their special skincare packages that are put together to save your time on finding the best skincare. Each package is made for all your skin needs. 

The 3rd and final tab is the Wishbox tab!!
The wishboxes are special boxes that are filled with special products that are all full sized. They aren't like the monthly product box subscriptions that we see these days, but are more towards themed boxes that feature amazing products.

SO that is the end of my annoucement on the renewal of Wishtrend's website! I hope you guys have fun shopping on the new site and liked this post!

Jane, The Beauty Owl

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