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Thursday, November 24, 2011


My mom is flying over from new york today for thanksgiving dinner! I'm so excited~! I wanted to share with you  what is on my menu for today!

First off, the turkey is always wanted but since its too big for us, we are having the nicely roasted chicken today!  The one from Ralphs.
Next up is my lovely homemade Mashed potatoes~!^^ This is what I'm really good at making, I don't know why. I guess I just love potatoes~
Baked Macaroni and Cheese~ Although this will be my first time cooking this, I am very determined to make this very yummy~
Steamed Vegetables~ You all need your greens with all of this yummy food. Although you may not veggies, it is good for your health, so eat up your carrots and broccoli!
For dessert, we were supposed to bake these lovely pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, but because my sister is going for the more traditional option, we are having Dutch apple pie, which is yummy too!
For our drinks during this wonderful evening, we are going to be sipping on Martinelli's Apple Cider! Yummy~
 That is my Thanksgiving menu for today~^^ What is yours?

Happy Thanksgiving<3

Jane, The Beauty Owl

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Package from Suzy(Dottilicious)

Hello Everyone~^^
Suzy was having a giveaway about a few weeks ago for her lovely subscribers and I, surprisingly won! If you do not know Suzy, here is her channel, She is one of my good friends on youtube and I think you should all be subscribed to her because she is an absolute beautiful person inside and out! OMGOSH~ I was shocked after reading her message to me. I did not expect to win because in the past, I had entered many giveaways and never won any of them, so this was a complete shock to me. Here is what her package looked like:

 It was so cutely packaged~^^ I screamed when I saw all of the cute stickers on it~ heheh and she even package it with pretty pink tissue paper~

Here are all of the goodies I got:

^^ I was so excited about everything! because all of the things she gave me were products that I can't get here in California~!
Suzy's sweet card to me with cute Hello Kitty stickers:

Now for the wonderful prizes she sent me! Here are the products individually:

Sleek Makeup Acid Palette

Naruko Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Serum
(I love this already! It really smooths out my skin. Haven't seen any brightening yet but will wait on it.)

Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Classic Brightening Night Gelly
(This smells amazing and its so calming~)

Catrice Made to Stay Longlasting eyeshadow 40 and 60
(These are so creamy~ and so shimmery~!)

Gosh Waterproof Eyeshadow Sticks (Love that Purple and Love that Gold)
( This still needs some experimenting with water. They blend very well though.)

Swatches of the Catrice and Gosh Eyeshadows

Koji Eyelash Curler NO. 71
(This curler is amazing~ asian eyelash curlers work so well for me!)

Kruidvat Pure & Nature Anti-age Eye Cream
(This eye cream is so nice~ I love the scent and it has orchid extract in it!)

Cure Natural Aqua Gel
(So excited to try this out!)

The Pretty Butterfly Pearl Necklace
(I love this! Its so cute!)

Those were all of the lovely prizes from Suzy~<3 I am thankful and I'm so excited to try out everything! I am absolutely in love with everything!
Thank you Suzy<3

-Jane, The Beauty Owl