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Monday, March 14, 2011

The woes of being a College Freshman

Hello everyone, so I know this isn't the type of post that would be on my blog, but lately, as some who have fallen upon my blog and my youtube channel, will know that I have been gone from the cyber world for some time. As my title mentions, the woes of college life has caught up to me and I am in a big stress bubble. Seemingly I have found some time to update my facebook page, as well as my blog right now. I have been caught up in a massive amount of stress imaginable. One after another, situations blow up in my life that I find myself caught into. College is the main culprit of it. I have massive amounts of homework, on top of that, a Math project that seems to be taking the best of me-_- and a group member being flakey and absent at everyone of our group meetings for the math project. SIGH...That was a nice vent. Anyways, I know I've been loong gone from my youtube channel and I hope to update you all~
And to those who are just getting to know me. Feel free to message me and comment on my pages. ^^ I will reply back<3

That is all of my ranting for today.

Jane, the Beauty Owl

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