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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hyuna (현아) Bubble Pop! Inspired Hairstyle

So here is the picture that I was inspired by:
Her hair was very cute so I decided to try and replicate that hairstyle as best as I could^^
Here is the photoshoot with the look:

The outfit:
Hello Kitty swearter-Forever21
Blue Shorts-Forever21
Black Peep Toe Ankle bootie-Madden Girl

Here is my video^^

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Katherine Hepburn Inspired Hair

I made a tutorial about how I achieved this hairstyle:
Anyways, here is my version of it:

Here is the video^^

I hope you enjoy~^^
- Jane, The Beauty Owl

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Singing my lover^^ I love to sing. Many probably do not know but, I've been singing all my life and it is my goal to become a professional singer one day. My major at the moment is not singing, but I still strive to get better and hope one day to succeed in the field of music. Music is actually very close to my heart and it has been a love and hate relationship. Singing is not an easy thing because as a singer, our instruments are our bodies. Not only is the sound coming from our voices, it comes from our entire being. Many musicians consider singers as "not a musician" because they think that all we know is our voices and not the techinical things that go on behind the music. BUT, I will speak for all of the singers out there; We ARE musicians because while we may not have a physical instrument to touch and see, we have an instrument that we can actually feel the music coming from because our voices is our souls. Here is my first singing video that I was able to put on my channel. I hope you enjoy:)
It is an ACAPELLA cover of A Lovely Night from Rogers and Hammersteins Musical, CINDERELLA. One of my favorite musicals~!!! I'm sure many of you have seen the movie with Brandy and Whitney Houston, but in the actual musical, the beautiful and very talented JULIE ANDREWS was the original Cinderella. Its definitely a must see. The movie is absolutely amazing too. I love the cast. I feel like the casting was done very well^^

Friday, July 1, 2011

Owl Style: Summer Blues

Summer is here and its all about the corals and oranges. But, during this time of season, blue is also a nice color to wear. I find that Light blues and periwinkles are perfect. Midnight blues and dark, navy blues are more suitable for the winter/colder seasons so put those colors away until december. Yesterday was a blue day for me. Of course not THAT type of blue day^^ Here is what I wore:
I uploaded this video yesterday night^^ Isn't the color just perfect for summer? I like the fact that it also has little flower designs all over the shirt. This shirt was purchased from Sidecca. I loveee that store~ I'm sure this shop is in your malls or you can check out their website.

Skinny Jeans-Forever21
Earrings-Boutique in New York
Brown Satchel Bag-Forever21

Jane, the Beauty Owl