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Friday, July 1, 2011

Owl Style: Summer Blues

Summer is here and its all about the corals and oranges. But, during this time of season, blue is also a nice color to wear. I find that Light blues and periwinkles are perfect. Midnight blues and dark, navy blues are more suitable for the winter/colder seasons so put those colors away until december. Yesterday was a blue day for me. Of course not THAT type of blue day^^ Here is what I wore:
I uploaded this video yesterday night^^ Isn't the color just perfect for summer? I like the fact that it also has little flower designs all over the shirt. This shirt was purchased from Sidecca. I loveee that store~ I'm sure this shop is in your malls or you can check out their website.

Skinny Jeans-Forever21
Earrings-Boutique in New York
Brown Satchel Bag-Forever21

Jane, the Beauty Owl

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