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Thursday, June 30, 2011

DAISY! My Furry Niece&hearts

I wanted to make a post about my niece, Daisy. You might be reading the title and thinking, "Furry Niece?.." Yes, if you have guessed correctly, Daisy is a dog^^ That is the surprise hahaha I will be putting in some of my videos on youtube whenever she comes over. Daisy is my niece because my sister is her owner. Here is Daisy:
ISN'T SHE CUTE! She is a Cockapoo which is a mix between cockerspaniel and poodle. Shes almost 2 years old but is still a puppy to me. I remember when my sister brought her over when she was  about two months old. She was sooooo small and I could pick her up with one hand. Now, she is big and fluffy^^ My sisters tell me that I am her mommy when she stays over at my house because I'm the one taking care of her.
 Teehee~^^ Shes kind of anti-social though because of her lack of interaction with other dogs and people. She only warms up to the people she likes and also mainly girls. Yes, she is a sexist. hahahahaha but she likes my brother and my sisters boyfriends hahahah. I will post a video of her on my channel soon~^^

Jane, the Beauty Owl.

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