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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feathers: Haircut!!!!! Before and After transformation

I finally got my haircut on saturday the 18th of June!!! I felt so refreshed and happy that my hair wasn't weighing me down anymore. The story of my hair is this: I've dyed my hair many times in the past and because of all of those dye jobs, my hair was damaged, dry, and very brittle. Basically, it was a forest of split ends. So, after my last dye job (my mom dyed my hair for me to a darm auburn shade) I decided to just grow out the dyed hairs so that I could have my natural hair color again. For all you ladies out there who dye their hair lighter shades than their natural color: YOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING IT IS TO SEE GROWN OUT ROOTS! The task of growing out my hair was a very difficult task. I wanted to just dye it to a dark brown shade and get it back to one shade but instead, I thought this was was much better than dyeing my hair all over again when my actual purpose was to avoid dyeing my hair.
After growing out the dyed hairs to a certain point, my mom suggested that getting a WAVE PERM would make my hair look less awkward because the curls would go into different directions and the colors of my grown out natural hair color and the dyed color would make it look very pretty. This proved to be true! So, I actually had my hair permed twice. The first time, I thought that the waves were too loose and that they wouldn't last for the coming year so I had it done a second time but with tighter curls.
Here is a picture of my hair before I had my wave perm:

As you can see, my hair had grown out significantly so you can see the color change. This is the natural texture of my hair. It had just finished airdrying. My hair is very straight when its long but once it is short, it like to go in its own direction.
After the Wave Perm:

Here I am with the rollers in^^
Voila! After~

The above picture is after the first perm. It came out beautifully^^ I mentioned that I permed it twice but I noticed that I didn't take a picture of after I had the perm the second time but basically my hair looked like this:

I mean, I like poodles and their hair, BUT this was not what I wanted for my hair.

That was what my hair looked like for the following year. My experience with a perm was a very interesting experience. I had a hard time keeping my hair healthy and making it look nice. When taking care of a perm, you can't really brush your hair in the first few months of having the perm. The reason why is, if you brush the curls too often , you can/will brush out the perm and then that would be a waste of your money. Also, after showering and airdrying my hair, I always had to add some kind of product to keep the curls in tact. I did this daily for about 3 months straight and I noticed how heavy my hair would become after all of the products I would have to put in my hair just to keep the curls. I also had major tangeling and would always have a painful scalp from all of the pulling from me trying to brush out the tangels. 

ANYWAYS~ after getting a little trim once during the winter time, I didn't cut my hair for basically a whole year. I let it grow out really long. I finally had a decent amount of my natural hair texture and color back so I finally was able to cut off all of the dead grown out permed/dyed hair. 

As you can see from the following pictures, my hair had grown out alot during the year. It was all the way down to my belly button. When I straighted my hair, it was down to my hip bone so that is pretty long~. From my sneak peek picture on my last post, you can tell I had it cut very short. I think I had about 20 inches cut off. It was soooooo refreshing! My head felt so much lighter. I like how the hairstyle makes me look so much more clean-cut^^ I'm back to my classic self. My sister says my hair before made me look like a nature loving hippy. Now I look more sophisticated.


The girl who cut my hair did a great job^^ I asked her to cut out the permed ends and also the grown out dyed ends. I wanted my hair like Nam Gyu ri's hair from 49days ep 5.

My hair wasn't cut the exact way but it was cut pretty similarilly. As you can see Nam Gyuri's hair: Her hair is cut to be all once length but the unni layered my hair a little at the ends. She styled my hair by curling the ends out and then curling the hairs in from of my face outwards.  If you are wondering I went to Lee Ga Ja (이가자). It is a Korean hair salon and they are really good. I will try and make a video showing how I style my newly short hair^^

I hope you guys enjoyed this very LONG but very detailed post^^

Jane, the Beauty Owl


  1. when you had the wave perm done did they use perm rods or something else??