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Monday, June 13, 2011

Diamonds Are a Girls Bestfriend

I love jewelry. I have so much jewelry that I find myself not wearing often which is sad, but I was rummaging through my collection recently and I found that I have a rather unique collection of animal rings. Most of them are from Forever21 which is my favorite place to buy my rings from.
Here are the Animal Rings:
So, of course as you can see, I don't have many. Some of these are probably familiar because three of them were purchased from Forever21.
Here is the Lion ring I got from Forever21. This was either $3 or $4. I forgot, but I do know that this ring is still available in the stores. I saw it not too long ago^^
It has small crystals encrusted into the lions face which gives it a very unique touch to it. Its pretty heavy in weight but still wearable. It hasn't left a green mark on my finger so thats a plus.
Here is a close up of my Owl ring^^ I loveeeee this ring~ This was either a christmas or birthday gift from my sister so I don't know where or how much it was.
This ring has soooo much detail in it. As you can see from the picture, the feather scales are all carved into the ring and goes all throughout the rings design. Whoever this designer was, I give your a plus plus PLUS for the amazing detailing.
SOOOO here is the cheetah ring^^ I was really happy when I found this at Forever21. I literally found only a couple of these there. It was almost like this was being hidden hahaha. I'm thinking this was $4.80. Pretty good price considering that this one was also really detailed. It has green rinestones as eyes and its designed to look like the cheetah is wrapped around my finger. I thought that was really clever^^
Here is the close up of the bird ring. It is also a wrap ring. There was silver design with clear crystals but I thought the gold with the multo colored crytals looked prettier^^ This has a lot of detail into it as well.

So that was a peak into my jewelry collection/style. I have a ring obsession now~ hahah but its not overboard.

-Jane, the Beauty Owl

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