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Friday, May 20, 2011

I make Teddy Bears^^

So, I love to make things and I started off making hair pins and little simple things but now, I like to make more interesting things. Last summer was when I picked up crocheting. My mom taught me how to knit when I was younger but I was never taught how to crochet, so I decided to learn. Crocheting is kind of difficult for me because being a lefty (I'm left-handed^^)makes crocheting a lot more complicated than it really is. When I read a pattern, it gets confusing because everything is basically backwards. BUT, though it may get hard at times, I still find it very enjoyable. I don't crochet the typical scarf. I crochet animal dolls~^^
Tehee~ I loveeeee it. It's called Amigurumi (編みぐるみ) which means crocheted or knitted toy, in japanese. I started learning out of a book, but you can also find patterns online. Here are some examples:

star wars amigurumi~!! SO CUTE

MARIO 1UP's~!!

As you can see, I am clearly a nerd hahaha, anyways, aren't they adorable~? I've made some but they are not as cute as these.
Here are the ones that I've made so far:

tehee~ I made him because I'm a Leo. His name is Lionel^^

I made these during chrismas time as presents for my family^^ I was too lazy to make their limbs.  tehee<3
I hope one day to make a shop. We'll see~^^
Jane, the Beauty Owl


  1. omg, i need this harry potter one, is there any tutorial?

  2. Did you ever make a shop? I would love to buy a pattern for Harry and the Ewok.