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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Beauty Owl: Love Rain 사랑비 SNSD Yoona

Hello Everyone! So I have started a series for my youtube channel! It is the Korean Drama Inspired Makeup/Fashion/Hairstyle Series! In this series, I will be showing what I have come up in all three categories^^
So for the first video in this series is my Love Rain 사랑비 SNSD Yoona inspired look^^
If you guys haven't watched this drama yet, YOU SHOULD GO WATCH IT NOW. It's really good and I love the storyline and the actors in it are all very well known and A-list actors in Korea so go watch it now~!


I really liked the style of her 70's character so I decided to put together a makeup look along with an outfit and her hairstyle.

For the video just click here!

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