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Sunday, January 29, 2012

OWL STYLE: Autumn Chic

Hello Everyone~ I know it's been a while since my last fashion video. I have many outfits that I always want to share with you all but then I always forget to film them~ I'm becoming Doryyyy. That is why there has been an absence of my outfit videos. I know you all like them and want me to make them more, so I will put an effort to film my outfits more^^ This was filmed at the end of November and I wanted to film outside with the lovely tree's outside. The leaves were so pretty so I just had to film an outfit video. I didn't have time to edit it until now, so please forgive me~ I've been so busy-_- Anyways here is the outfit:

Here is the video~<3

Hope you enjoyeddddd!

Jane, The Beauty Owl

Sunday, January 22, 2012

T-ara Jiyeon Lovey Dovey Inspired look

So, I know that I don't do many Kpop inspired makeup looks as much as I should be doing, BUT I was able to create this look right after watching the music video of Lovey Dovey by T-ara. I absolutely am obsessed with that song. It is so catchy! My favorite member from T-ara is Jiyeon SO I just had to make a look according to the one she had on in the music video.

The following picture is a screen shot that I personally created:

For this look, all the eyeshadows are from the Naked Pallete. I used Virgin, Half-baked, and Creep. According to the music video, Jiyeon had a very clean canvas with a little bit of highlighting down her nose bridge and no blush or bronzer. Her eye makeup was the focus of the look. It's a dramatic cat eye that involved using lots calculating on my part. The angle of the cat eye is very dramatic and then it slowly fades into a lighter inner corner. From the screenshot that I created, you could see that the look had some gold in it as well, which is why I added the half-baked shade.

Here is the link to my video tutorial:

Here is the photoshoot with the inspired outfit: