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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Too Faced Natural at Night Palette Review

I love TOO FACED! Especially their eyeshadow palettes! I own two now and I have to say, they are amazing~!
Today's review is on the Too Faced Natural at Night Eyeshadow Palette!
My sister-in-law was my secret santa during christmas time and she gave this to me as my gift!!!
WOOHOO~ I fell in love right away!

Retails for:
$36 at
$36 at
$36 at

I love the way the packaging of this eye shadow palette was made.
The lace touches are so cute!
It reminds me of a chocolate bar.

 I love the names of the eye shadows. 
They all relate with night time!
The texture of these eye shadows are very soft, but
because some of these shadows have glitter in them, there is quite a bit of fall out.
The first two shadows in the first row (full moon, Night Light) are very glittery.
They have a good amount of glitter so when I applied it to my eyes, I had to pat the shadow on rather than sweep it on like I usually do.
Patting on the shadow using a wet eyeshadow brush really helped with packing on the shadow to my eyelids and prevented the glitter from getting all over my face. 

Most of these shadows are glittery/shimmery which is perfect for a night out, hence the name "natural at night".
You can create a natural look using this palette, but more of a nighttime natural.

This is the look I created using this palette and I have to say, I love the glitter now!
I was kind of disappointed in the beginning because I felt like this palette had much more fall out compared to my Romantic eye eyeshadow palette, but a little tap and a wet eye shadow brush does the trick! So now~ I am happy.

So, the question now is, would I recommend this to you all?


Hope you all enjoyed this review
Thank you for reading<3

Jane, The Beauty Owl

Friday, July 6, 2012

Wishtrend: Liz K UV Protection Color Veil Review

Product review for you all!
I am a lover of base makeup. Meaning everything from powders, foundations, BB Creams, tinted moisturizers, primers, ect. Talking about base makeup, I love BB creams. BB Cream stands for "Blemish Balm". They are basically your all-in-one product which originated from Germany. BB cream was created for patients who had had laser procedures done and was meant to protect the skin and provide a little bit of coverage. South Korea took up the idea and created the ultimate beauty item which is now a bestselling product.
If you follow me on youtube, twitter, or facebook, you would know that I am now collaborating with Wishtrend  which is an online beauty store based in South Korea. They sell lots of Korean Beauty products that are all very well known and great quality, but under rated in South Korea. So now, every month I will be given products to review and share to you all! ^^
Anyways! Wishtrend always has events on their facebook page here where they hold lots of giveaways of the products that they sell on their shop. Anyone can enter to win!!  I was lucky enough to win one of their giveaways and I won the Liz K UV Protection Color Veil which is basically a BB Cream!

All Skin Types

35ml = 1.18 fl oz

Made in Korean

SPF 50+ PA+++

Protects from UVA/B 

Vitamin C & E 



$35.99 USD

I love the white box. It's very sleek and slim and fits nicely in my makeup bag. 

My shade is 020 natural beige which is perfect for my skin tone! It really brightens up my complexion and evens out my skintone.

It's the perfect size for traveling! As you can see, it's smaller than my hand! SO cute^^

This is a squeeze tube which I don't mind, but I find that after a good shake the product finds itself in the cap which leaves some of the product in the cap and ends in a messy finale.
BUT that is easily cleaned up using a q-tip^^

The texture of this bb cream is not too thick not too thin. It's right in between! You only need to use very little for your entire face. 
The color suits me very well. It does have a slight yellow undertone which helps neutralize the redness in my skin so I really liked this. 

You can already see how much it brightens my skin! 
"it also functions as a foundation cream with just a small amount of usage, removing wrinkles, covering blemishes, providing whitening effect, leaving the skin perfectly flawless! Various colors"
- Wishtrend

The statement above definitely lives up to how this bb cream is described to be like, minus the "removing wrinkles" part because I don't have any wrinkles to cover or get rid of :P 
It definitely covers up blemishes and also like I said before, you only need to use very little to get the coverage you want. 

Naked Face! My 쌩얼! ^^ or Ssaeng ul which directly translates to "Raw Face"

 Full Frontal

 I do not get acne often, but I do get the occasional  blemish here and thereT-T

Half of my face covered including the blemishes!! This covers up the redness so well!

Full face covered! I used my fingers for one side and used a brush for the other side of my face. 
I must say, using a brush gave me a nicer finish than when I used my fingers. I prefer using a brush when I have time and the fingers are great to use when I'm in a hurry. 

 Right Side^^

Left Side^^

Sun Protection:
Definitely keeps my face protected throughout the day. 

Finish/ Lasting Power:
It gives a very nice dewy finish, not the type of dewy finish where you look oily. It gave me a very pretty and healthy glow. If you are not a fan of the dewy look, you can always mattify it using a powder. 
The lasting power is great. It did fade just tad at the end of the day, but I still looked pretty flawless throughout. 

Final Verdict:
This is what I give a FIVE STAR. 
It really lives up to what it claims to do and I am very satisfied^^

Want it for yourselves~? You can get it here

That is all for this review~^^ 

Jane, The Beauty Owl