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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Too Faced Natural at Night Palette Review

I love TOO FACED! Especially their eyeshadow palettes! I own two now and I have to say, they are amazing~!
Today's review is on the Too Faced Natural at Night Eyeshadow Palette!
My sister-in-law was my secret santa during christmas time and she gave this to me as my gift!!!
WOOHOO~ I fell in love right away!

Retails for:
$36 at
$36 at
$36 at

I love the way the packaging of this eye shadow palette was made.
The lace touches are so cute!
It reminds me of a chocolate bar.

 I love the names of the eye shadows. 
They all relate with night time!
The texture of these eye shadows are very soft, but
because some of these shadows have glitter in them, there is quite a bit of fall out.
The first two shadows in the first row (full moon, Night Light) are very glittery.
They have a good amount of glitter so when I applied it to my eyes, I had to pat the shadow on rather than sweep it on like I usually do.
Patting on the shadow using a wet eyeshadow brush really helped with packing on the shadow to my eyelids and prevented the glitter from getting all over my face. 

Most of these shadows are glittery/shimmery which is perfect for a night out, hence the name "natural at night".
You can create a natural look using this palette, but more of a nighttime natural.

This is the look I created using this palette and I have to say, I love the glitter now!
I was kind of disappointed in the beginning because I felt like this palette had much more fall out compared to my Romantic eye eyeshadow palette, but a little tap and a wet eye shadow brush does the trick! So now~ I am happy.

So, the question now is, would I recommend this to you all?


Hope you all enjoyed this review
Thank you for reading<3

Jane, The Beauty Owl


  1. The colours in this palette look very pretty!

  2. Gorgeous!! I want this palette so badly! I've got the natural kit and since i don't have any other 'kits' like the naked palettes from urban decay I think I'll get this next! They are $65 singapore dollars here, very expensive but worth it!

  3. Oh I love the colours in this palette! I would buy this if only I didn't have so many eye shadows already. Ha takes so long to finish an eye shadow.