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Friday, August 3, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color

Hi Everyone!
Today's product review is on the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail color which was in my summer beauty voxbox that I got complimentary of for review purposes!
The magnetic polish trend is booming and the first time I ever saw this type of polish was when I was in sephora and the brand, Nails Inc had come out with a Magnetic polish! The polish has little metallic particles which then form the cool wave like effect on your nails after you place the magnet above the wet polish^^
It's a really cool concept and I was happy that I got this in the vox box!

Retails for $9.99
This is in the shade: 905 Red-y Response
It comes in a glass vial with a cap that actually is the magnet. When you pull that cap off, the polish applicator is underneath, sealing the polish shut from any air going in. This reminded me of how Chanel nail polishes have the extra cap on top of the actual applicator, but this time the cap had a purpose^^

Texture/ Color:
It's very pigmented and opaque so one coat would do the trick if you are going for the color, but in order to get the wave effect, you have to add a second coat and then place the magnet on top, without touching the nail. It goes on smoothly and isn't goopy at all.

Lasting Power:
This lasted for a good two weeks without chipping and I think that is pretty good, considering I didn't use a great base and top coat like I usually do.
Now, because this is very pigmented, it can stain your nails if you don't use a base coat, so I highly suggest using a good base coat before applying this to your nails.

The staining  leave my nail look pink, but after a day, it's gone! So no worries!

Final Verdict:
I really like this! I love the effect because it's very edgy and different and I love the shade that I got. It's perfect for fall which is coming soon!!^^

That is all for this product review! Hope you enjoyed!!

Jane, The Beauty Owl

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