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Monday, April 18, 2011

I love these Lashes~^^

So, I was having fun last friday with my false lashes and decided to put some on. I have fallen in love (again) with my Sonia Kashuk demi-lashes.  They are these:
They are perfect if you are looking for a more natural look with eye-popping lashes~ I did a simple look with these on:

These are some shots of my face makeup that I did with these lashes~^^ They really bring out my eyes and make them more doe-eyed. Tehee~<3 LOVE IT

The glue that I used was Revlons Precision Adhesive, and I must say, that eyelash glue really keeps the lashes on all~~~~~~~~ day. I had trouble peeling the lashes off after. It was on very securely. I must advise to remove the eyelashes with some makeup remover on a q-tip and then it will start to lift of your lid. That way, you will not have to experience painful tugging on your lids.
Overall, the lashes are very pretty for a pretty, natural look.

Jane, the Beauty Owl

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