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Sunday, April 3, 2011

MODEL Model model~

Dear my readers,
So, this is a very random post about modeling. I've always wanted to model and walk on runways, but sadly, being only 5'5" doesn't cut it. So sad~ I know. BUT, I've done my fair share of modeling I guess. Of course not professional modeling, but just at-home photoshoots and random picture taking I guess~^^
Here are a few of my "photoshoots" that I wanted to share with you all:
This was after I was experimenting with my halloween makeup. I was praticing the Geisha look that Michelle Phan did for her halloween tutorial. So, this was my working look. I like that angle of my face. Like all models, I have a particular angle that I like to take pictures of. I know that sounds funny, but honestly, I like this angle better than the other angle heheheh^^

Now, this was taken during my freshman year in highschool. I was playing around wearing my moms heels and then I decided to put my leg on the towel hanger hahaha. Again, the same angle. I looks a little wierd because my arm looks non-existent but at least this isn't a professional photoshoot, other wise, like on ANTM, one of the judges would say that I look like an amputee T-T Overall, this is one of my favorite pictures.
Voila~! This is another favorite of mine. This was taken spontaneously after I drew a mask on my face using cream liner~ HAHA. Its Loreal H.I.P. Cream liner, by the way. This was my senior picture by the way. My school would let the seniors turn in any picture of themselves for their senior picture in the yearbook. Its a way to express our own styles and artistic ways~ This was taken by by sister by the way^^

I have more, but so far, I will let you all see these. In my life, not only does beauty and skincare matter. I like to apply them to my amateur modeling~^^

-Jane, the Beauty Owl

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