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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sheer Cover Review: Duo Concealer

Another product review for you all! ^^

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out Sheer Cover's Duo Concealer  in light/medium. I recieved this product, complimentary of Influensters Voxbox Program.
Here I am with my bare face. 

The concealer is very creamy and rich, but it's not heavy and thick like some creamy concealers can be.

The great thing about this concealer is the fact that it comes with two shades which is great for creating your own custom shade.

Texture/ Consistency:
According to Sheer Cover, this concealer "not only covers up the look of dark circles, blemishes, redness and age spots, it also moisturizes with Jojoba and Allantoin."
Jojoba "helps to nourish and restore the skins natural moisture balance."
I agree with this because the concealer is very smooth and it really does moisturize my undereye area. 
When you blend the concealer into the skin, it doesn't blend into a powdery finish so it's still pretty moist after you blend it out, so I suggest set it with a little bit of powder. 
The consistency of this concealer is very creamy. It's so creamy that it glides on like butter. 

"Sheer and creamy perfect for under eye circles or more opaque for blemishes, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation." - Sheer Cover
The coverage is pretty light, but you can actually start off with a very light layer and then add more light layers on top until you have the coverage that you want. 
I love using this for my under eyes because it really brightens up that area. Having dark circles makes me look tired so when I have a good concealer that brightens and helps me looks awake, that is always a plus for me. 
It's also said to be good for hyperpigmentation which I have around my lips and I noticed that it helped alot with that as well. I loved the fact that it evened out my skintone without making it look like I had covered it up. It was very natural. 

 After: On one under eye and blended down the nose. 

After: on both under eyes and blended down nose and around the lips. 

Pretty big difference huh? ^^

Lasting Power:
This concealer stays on for a really long time, but you should set it with a powder. I noticed that when it hasn't been set, it can fade away really quickly. BUT when set, it stays on pretty much all day long. 

I am loving this concealer~!! Plain and simple, I love this concealer!

That is it for this product review!

Hope you all enjoyed~^^

Jane, The Beauty Owl


  1. wow it does cover nicely!! thanks for the review :)

    1. ^^ it really does! Thank you for reading~

  2. Oh wow, it did a great job covering up dark circles! Love your hair btw...I'd kill to get my hair to wave naturally like that :\ damn frizz...

    1. It does! You should try it out! I'm into face makeup more than eye makeup lately so my makeup collection is flooding in concealers right now ahahah my hair was really frizzy when I took it out of it's buns so I definitely know how you feel~ my hair is naturally 반곱슬 머리 so it tends to frizz too.