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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years Eve!!

Hey girls, its new years eve~ YAY~! A whole new year is here. Time for new things and new opportunities~^^
Anyways~ back to my blog, so I've been in New York and its been really nice here.  Since it is new years and usually during this celebration, food is involved, I thought I would share with you what korean people eat during the Lunar New Year. Traditionally during the New Years, Rice cake soup or in korean, Ddeok Gook(떡국), is eaten because it is believed to bring good fortune to the consumer and give another year of life to them. Its made with thinly sliced Ddeok or rice cake and stirred into a broth made from the simmering of marinated beef and garnished with sliced egg and gim (김- toasted seaweed seasoned with sesame oil and salt). mmmmmmm yummy~^^ Here is a picture of the lovely Ddeok Gook that my mom made me:

Doesn't it look yummy~? Yes, this is what korean families traditionally dine on during the new Year~!!
I hope you all have a great New year celebration~

Happy New Year~<3
-The Beauty Owl

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