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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Sun and Shiseido

Today was very sunny in the morning and now the chills are rushing up my spines. I noticed that lately the weather has been fluctuating from being very hot in the afternoon and extremely chilly during the night causing my skin to be patchy and dry. To treat this, I've been prompt on applying two applications of my moisturizer(Aveenos Daily moisturizer) day and night. During the day, to protect my sensitive and sun-burn prone skin, after appying moisturizer, I apply my favorite sunscreen of all time: Shiseido's Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion, SPF 38. I LOVE IT~ It protects and creates. The surface of my skin is instantly smooth making it the perfect base.
I've tried many sunscreens before and none of them top this one so far. Its very gentle to my skin which is very sensitive due to my Polymorphus Light Eruption(PLE). PLE is basically sun allergies. I'll get into that later on in another post. The scent is very nice too, although it disappears after about 10 minutes from application.
Well, thats it for todays post.
Jane, The Beauty Owl

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