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Monday, December 27, 2010

A White After Christmas

The woes of snow and wind together: cold, Cold, COLD~! I landed in New York at 9:30pm to a chilly yet snowless christmas night. It was all together pretty cold but not as frezzing as it is now. Currently the time is 4:00am as I am typing this entry. My time zones haven't changed yet. I just noticed that I've been starting my entries with rants about the weather. Anyway, the christmas season in New York is quite nice. Except the part that it is very cold. The snow and all of the christmas lights in the neighborhood speaks Christmas. I know that christmas has passed but I can't get over it. I still feels like Christmas~! Its the week of celebration for alot of things: Jesus's Birth, A New Year, and SNOW~^^ I guess since being in Southern California, I've been deprived of Snow for a long time. I must say: I LOVE IT~<3 I don't have a picture but I can say that is a beautiful sight to see.

-The Beauty Owl

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